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The time's most beautiful, quickest and advanced website tool is Doodlekit... Right now, Doodlekit is the best available online website builder...

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All-In-One Affiliate Website Builder

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Doodlekit is an online website builder that you can use to build an affiliate website in minutes! It comes with built in advertising placement slots so all you have to do is pop in your affiliate banner code and you’re off and running! Our affiliate website builder also allows you to add extra banners in your sidebars, footer, and page content. Doodlekit’s quick edit tools let you edit your content freely without having to write one line of code.

Affiliate website building has never been easier for non-technical people! Doodlekit has everything you need to build an affiliate website and more. It comes with a blogging tool built in, as well as page editing, photo and image uploading, forums, W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts, a form builder, and much more. It even comes with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tools to help you optimize your websites for search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

Affiliate Website Building Features

  • Advanced Font Selections For Titles
  • International Language Settings
  • Free Website Builder For Non-Profits
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Tools
  • Form Builder
  • Domain Email Forwarding
  • File Uploader
  • HTML Widgets
  • Affiliate Website Builder
  • W3C Valid XHTML/CSS Layouts
  • Website Statistics Tracking
  • Built In Advertising Tool
  • Advanced Security
  • Advanced Editor With Spell Checking
  • Domain Management Tools
  • User Registration / Membership
  • Built In Stock Photo/Image Repository
  • Affiliate Website Building
  • Blog
  • Online Photo Albums / Bulk Uploader
  • Forums
  • PayPal & Google Shopping Carts
  • Advanced CSS Override Editor
  • No Coding Required
  • Online Content Management System
  • Domain Procurement
  • Build An Affiliate Website

Affiliate Website Builder / Building Usage Examples

Doodlekit is the best affiliate website builder on the market. Its powerful backend database provides your website with advanced features that no other affiliate website building tool can provide. Here are some example Doodlekit addons that can help you build affiliate websites:

Blog – Perhaps the most important feature of any affiliate website builder is the blogging tool. Blogging provides a means by which you can consistently generate and update new content on your website. It also encourages visitor interaction by allowing visitors to make comments about your blog posts. If you’re serious about wanting to build affiliate websites then you need to know how to blog.

Forums – Another excellent way to generate content is via forums. If you’re able to create an online community of users through your affiliate website builder tools, then content won’t be an issue for you - your users will generate it for you! It takes a little time and effort to get your community up and running, but once it’s established you can sit back and watch it grow (as well as your revenue).

SEO Tools – Doodlekit’s affiliate website builder comes with SEO tools that allow you to optimize your website so that it shows up on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Other online affiliate website building tools do not offer this.

Photo Albums – Upload photos and images related to your website. Sprinkle them throughout your affiliate website to make your pages look more attractive and to break up the monotony of textual content.

The Art of Building an Affiliate Website

Long story short, if you are going to build an affiliate website, you have one primary goal. Maximized commissions. In other words, you want to maximize visitors, i.e. traffic. You want as much of this traffic as possible to click on links or ads on your site which, in turn, take them to another site, namely the party or parties you represent. Alternatively, depending on your revenue model, you may want to maximize the number of not only your visitors, but the percentage of these which ultimately purchase the goods or services of the merchant or service provider you represent. One way or another, clicks on your site, or purchases on your site or a third party site, result on commissions paid to you. Being an affiliate isn't easy work, but there are advantages. You usually don't bear the burden of purchasing materials, housing inventory, shipping, billing, or collecting. You don't have to build or manufacture anything or even provide a direct service. Your entire focus is Internet sales and marketing. Nevertheless, if you are to succeed in this competitive market, you need an affiliate website builder that makes your job as easy and streamlined as possible. You need to have template building, text editing, photo and video uploading capabilities at your fingertips which don't take hours to code. You need to have tools which make it easy to cut and past the links, buttons, and graphics your merchants require. Point and click, fill in the blank tools are a necessity. You need to maximize your core competency, which is Internet sales and marketing, so you don't spend all day coding, thumbing through HTML books, or incurring the unbearable cost of web developers which are notorious for delays and holding their clients hostage.

An Affiliate Website Builder is Best Wearing a Very White Hat

Affiliate website building used to be all about building backlinks via satellites, being listed in directories and indexes, making cross referencing deals with other affiliates, and using whatever gimmicks possible to maximize traffic to various and sundry affiliated locations. A lot of affiliates made a lot of money, especially back when PPC, or "Pay Per Click," was the major game in town. Of course, many critics saw this kind of business model as being "Black Hat," or a bit on the shady side. There were two drawbacks to black hat strategies. First, merchants paying their affiliates per click often blew their budgets without making a lot of sales. Tons of traffic came their way, but it often didn't turn out to have much of a conversion rate. By "conversion rate" we mean that very few of the visitors which the merchant paid to be directed to it made purchases. Merchants want to pay for results. They want sales. They don't want window shoppers. Window shoppers and web visitors that don't open their wallets are pretty much the same thing. Hence, given the low and undesirable conversion rates the PPC Black Hat affiliates produced led to new business models for paying affiliates. Some of the most prominent commission structures available to affiliates today are based on actual sales made. Of course one thing that has led to this change is the fact that Internet/Web technology has advanced. It is much easier today to trace and document which clicks come from where, and which lead to sales. Second, the search engines out there disfavor black hat strategies and are very keen on capturing sites which use varied methods for culling traffic without otherwise being useful or informative, but rather tricky. So, black hat is out. It doesn't pay so well anymore, and the Internet world, and the prominent search engines of today disfavor them. In short, if you want to be a successful and long term affiliate with a prosperous career, you need to be white hat.

How to be a Good, White Hat, Affiliate Website Builder

In our opinion, good, white hat affiliate website building is simple. All you have to do is build an affiliate website and produce the best content possible. We have the build an affiliate website part down. Doodlekit handles this for you. We offer a great template wizard we challenge you to try out. Just sign up for free, with no financial commitment, and give us a try. Once you've built your templates, you can see just how easy it is to add the quality content you need to attract the traffic you need and to earn the commissions you are after. Images, video, text, you name it, can all be produced and edited without a lot of toil and sweat. To create a website with Doodlekit is as easy as using a modern word processing program or presentation maker. Like we said, give us a try, free of charge. So, this leaves you with only one challenge. You need to produce great content. Now all you have to do is write really good articles and blogs, maybe create a forum with contributors, take relevant pictures and make videos and upload them, and you are on your way. Do research on how to write the best articles using white hat techniques that teach you how to be informative and beneficial to the people visiting your site. Good SEO is really about helping the people who want and need to find you knock on your door. In fact, isn't this exactly the kind of visitor you want? They are the ones that will buy from the merchant or service provider you represent. Everyone wins. You and your customer make money. Your customer makes a sale, the sale leads you give him buy the goods or services they really need, and you earn great commissions! Think about it. If you represent a book company, by helping sell books you are helping everyone involved. By being white hat, you use the product at hand, you read the books your customer sells and write awesome reviews on your affiliate web site. You attract visitors interested in finding new books to read, and you lead them to the stories they are delighted to discover. The money made is something you can be proud to make. You have made the world of literature a better place by essentially being paid for being a literary critic!

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